Custom Software Services from Allison Woolbert and Phoenix Consultants Group

From technical support to advanced programming Allison Woolbert and Phoenix Consultants Group are technology experts. They really know their way around the information age, and are here to make technology glitches a thing of the past.

At Phoenix Consultants Group, we work on redefining strategies to make the world think differently about software development. Your job scope starts from original thinking of proven concepts with innovative software modeling for the future as we strategize your business software needs.

Project Goal Definitions:
Allison will work with you to discuss and define the goals of your project and business needs. Together we can then determine the areas of interest and which items are the most important to your project, focus in on them and then tailored the custom software to meet your needs and budget.

In-Depth Goal Analysis:
Once Allison discusses your project with you, she will perform an in-depth analysis of your system needs. She looks first at the high-level project requirements, and then dives deeper into the intricacies of interest and architectural needs of the software

One of the most important goals of a project involve recommending to the client what is affordible, technologically capable and what is feasible for the project in the terms of programming the software. Allison will provide you with a list of recommendations that she believes will make your project successful, attractive and structurally sound.

Custom software doesn’t end when the product goes onto the server or is installed on your systems. This is why Allison will follow-up with you and periodically check in to insure the software is accurately functioning and that you are satisfied with the end product.

Phoenix Consultants Group custom software development insures that you have a product that is tailored specifically for the needs you have and saves your company money. With custom software you can insure that you are getting the most bang for the buck and the most productivity possible for your needs.

Allison Woolbert is the CEO of Phoenix Consultants Group, a custom software development firm. Learn more about Allison Woolbert and Phoenix Consultants Group here.